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Solutions to match your grain monitoring needs

Increase your harvesting efficiencies, optimize grain value, reduce costs, and avoid significant losses by monitoring, responding, and controlling conditions occurring inside your bins. Grain conditioning increases the storage life of grain and minimizes grain spoilage and quality loss. The primary conditioning operations are in-bin natural drying of grain to reduce the grain moisture, followed by aeration to cool the grain.

OPIsystems are some of the most cost-effective ways to manage and protect your grain, season after season, we help you increase the value of your grain and reduce your energy costs.


Online Grain Manager

Our new online grain management tool helps farm and commercial operators better manage their stored commodities.

With this grain management tool you can maximize asset value, minimize operating costs, and help make better grain marketing decisions. 

OPI Blue

Cloud Monitoring

The future of grain storage management. OPI Blue is a wireless system that delivers hourly grain storage information to your mobile or desktop devices and allows you to turn on your fans remotely. No more driving to your bins to plug in. Now you can access your critical grain storage information wherever you work or live.


Handheld Monitoring

Every grain facility needs an accurate and reliable temperature monitoring system. StorMax is our entry level, professional handheld monitor which is ideal for small farming applications. And it is easily upgradable within the OPI family of products. Perfect as a reliable and easy starter system for monitoring temperatures in your bins.

Integris Pro

PC Monitoring

Monitor and control grain quality right from your PC. Integris Pro is the most advanced grain management solution on the market, featuring fully automated monitoring, alarms, continuous level inventory management and automated aeration control. Ideal for farm and commercial grain facility managers.

Let's remove the guesswork and make decisions based on valuable and reliable data!