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OPI Moisture -Temperature Cables

Monitored bins consist of one or more cables per bin. OPI recommends a number of cables be installed based on the bin/silo diameter. The recommended number of cables allows for enough coverage and data to be available to make educated grain management decisions.

Working with all four OPI monitoring and control system options, the OPI moisture cable is a valuable tool for your advanced grain management system. Monitor temperature, humidity and grain moisture content throughout the bin to manage all in-bin drying and conditioning applications. Combine with Integris Pro automated control system for the highest degree of moisture control and accuracy on the market. The OPI moisture cable has sensors placed on the cable—commonly at 4’ intervals in farm applications and 6’ intervals in commercial applications. Moisture cables are used in grain depths up to 85’. 


Highly accurate to within 0.5°C or 1.0°F

Easy to service whether the bin is empty or full, eliminating any downtime

Easy to install and serviceable by the customer

Highly scalable to work with your current system, as well as future upgrades as your needs change

The OPI Temperature cable leverages industry-leading digital technology to record and provide vital grain condition data to your OPI Grain Management systems. Based on bin size, one or more temperature cables are installed, typically with sensors at 4′ or 6′ spacing throughout the bin.  OPI Temperature Cables are available in three sizes Medium Duty, Commercial Duty and Heavy Duty. What makes the temperature cable so unique is our exclusive retractable sensing element, which is protected inside a sturdy outer tube. This unique design combined with digital technology provides multiple benefits including:

OPI Cables helps you make decisions on reliable and accurate data