Learn about Grain Management

Grain management allows you to simply and cost-effectively protect your investment.

As opposed to the classical reactive monitoring approach, OPI’s advanced grain storage management takes a proactive approach to ensuring the highest possible return on your grain assets with grain temperature and moisture monitoring and automated control. Rather than seeing grain storage as a cost centre, we want you to be in the driver’s seat—dictating market terms and extracting the highest possible value through the application of our market-enabling technology. Improve your bottom line with our integrated Grain Management System strategies:

Automated Fan Control

OPI Blue and Integris solutions enable you to automate the operation of your grain conditioning systems to maximize the value of your stored assets. In addition to optimizing quality and moisture content, you will be able to minimize costs through electrical, fumigation and labour savings. And with more confidence, you can also turn your storage into a profit centre by being paid carry to store longer.

Alarms & Fan Controls

Prevent grain spoilage with an on-screen, audio, visual, text message or e-mail alarm notifications that are sent directly to your desktop or wireless device. Receive ongoing software updates and help desk access with options for extended warranty and annual site maintenance.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature and moisture cables take the guesswork out of the state of your grain, no matter where you are. Control humidity, aeration and temperature from your wireless device, desktop, home or office for optimal grain quality and storage life.

Wireless Solutions

Avoid trudging through snow and treading across the terrain to physically check your bins, and instead, monitor all bin activity wireless from the palm of your hands.

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