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A Customer Success Representative is responsible for providing first class support of OPI products to our Channel Partners and end users. Support inquiries include inbound phones calls, emails and chat requests through our OPI Blue platform. All documentation and details must be entered and tracked into our CRM system under the customer’s account. Developing and working on training documentation, manuals and core business knowledge in collaboration with other SME is a key function of this position. The role includes providing system and Advanced Grain Management training to individual users and small to medium sized groups in person or remotely. Completion of software updates for applicable sites as required. Recognize and act on revenue generating opportunities through Customer Care service contracts and other system sales passed on to the Sales department. This position reports to the Customer Success Manager and resides in a fast-paced work environment within a dynamic team.
Delivery of knowledgeable product and service support to in-bound customer-specific and software troubleshooting inquiries:
  1. Use a remote access tool to gain access into the customer’s system to deal with and resolve complex troubleshooting issues.
  2. Use grain management experience and understanding to enhance customer understanding and effectiveness of system use.
  3. Work with Technicians in the field to resolve hardware and software issues.

Account/customer-specific data entry using internal CRM system:

  1. Create accounts, document and track customer issues in CRM as they are dealt with over the phone, email or live chat.
  2. Accurately record detailed information into CRM regarding Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA’s).
  3. Process and track Customer Care contracts in CRM.

Recognize and take advantage of opportunities to generate revenue for the department and company:

  1. Sell and upsell all service support plans offered by the Company.
  2. Prepare, send out and follow up on Customer Care proposals sent to customers.


  1. Provide assistance in the development of manuals, training material and documents needed for enhanced learning.
  2. Provide system and Advanced Grain Management training to individual users and small to medium sized groups in person or remotely.
  3. Create knowledge base articles to assist customers on self support.
Requirements & Qualifications:

Education Requirements:

  • Post-secondary education in technology field (Diploma or Degree program) preferred.
  • Farming background with grain handling and grain management experience is an asset.


  • 2 years of experience working in a Customer Care or equivalent role.
  • Technological aptitude for dealing with both hardware and software.
  • Strong PC skills and knowledge.
  • Previous experience using CRM software – Hubspot would be beneficial.
  • Demonstrate experience in taking initiative to improve work operations and/or enhance client satisfaction.
  • Attention to detail specifically when tracking and logging customer issues.
  • Speaks fluent English and possesses strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong willingness to learn and be open to ongoing coaching.
  • Ability to adapt to a changing work environment.
  • Must have a positive attitude and be a team player.
  • Flexibility regarding work hours during peak harvest season.

An Assembler performs a wide variety of electronic, or measurement product assembly on product components, assemblies, or sub-assemblies. Assemblers determine and/or follows methods and sequence of operations in performing component installation, or hand soldering. These positions will include any or all of the following positions:

1. Sensor soldering

2. Sensor manufacturing

3. Cable Prep

Delegation of Work Orders:

  1. Ensure orders are processed in accordance with weekly schedules or priority basis.
  2. Assist co-workers with any problem that may occur.


  1. Test cables after being soldered.
  2. Test sensors after calibration.
  3. Clean cable and prepare for shipping/testing.

Leads Windows:

  1. Attached leads as per orders.
  2. Make windows as per cable description.

Sensor Assembly:

  1. Make a notch on every sensor.
  2. Silicon porex filter to sensor.

Qualifications & Skills Required:

· 2 years of previous soldering experience

Education Required:

· Grade 12 Education

The Full Stack Developer is responsible for building features, functionality, and enhancements for OPI Blue, the web app for our monitoring and control system. The full stack developer participates in all aspects of development including design, architecture, implementation, testing, bug fixing, and deployments, and is capable of working across our technology stack (including front-end, back-end, UI/UX, database, APIs, and architecture).

Software Development:

  • Develop and maintain API backend written in Ruby on Rails.
  • Build well-structured, responsive, intuitive frontend using HTML5, CSS, Angular, React and other JavaScript frameworks.
  • Inter-component communication using Rabbit MQ, Google Protobuf, MQTT, Websockets.
  • Build and maintain highly reliable data processing modules.
  • Design reliable and efficient databases and queries.
  • Participates in all aspects of our agile development process including iteration planning, estimation, architecture, code and design reviews.

Automated Test Development:

  • Write integration tests to exercise API endpoints and verify expected results using rspec/rswag.
  • Write controller tests to ensure outbound messages are correctly formed and encoded using rspec.
  • Build and enhance tools to simulate hardware components with UA Expert and Python.
  • Ensure test coverage benchmarks are maintained.


  • Participate in the software build and release process using github, CircleCI, docker, kubernetes, artifactory.
  • Monitor/investigate system and resource activity, error logs, and bug reports.

Technology and Subject Matter Expert:

  • Relies on experience and problem-solving capability to identify and address technical challenges and trade-offs within the system.
  • Promotes and demonstrates continuous learning; shares knowledge with colleagues to improve overall capabilities of the team.
  • Writes clean, maintainable code with accompanying tests.
  • Troubleshoots and provides timely solutions to production issues.

Education Requirements:

Successful candidates often have a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, or software engineering disciplines.


· Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems spanning multiple software and architectural disciplines.

· At least 5 years’ experience delivering highly reliable, fault tolerant web applications to market.


· Ruby on Rails

· Python

· React/Angular



· PostgreSQL


· Rabbit MQ

· Google protobuf


· WebSockets



· IoT

· Data Processing

· Agile


· AWS and Cloud Services

· Docker

· Kubernetes


· Integration Testing

· Automated testing with Rspec

· Continuous Integration


· bash

· git and github


· Confluence

· Artifactory

The Canada Market Manager is responsible for overseeing the activities for the Canada market.  The main purpose of the Canada Market Manager role is to optimize the revenue for Canada by growing the existing dealer and customer network while also developing new channel opportunities for OPI technology and service.  The Canada Market Manager acts as the primary point of contact in the region and takes ownership of financial results, customer satisfaction and the OPI brand with his/her dealers and customers.  In addition to the Canada Market Manager’s primary role of revenue generation and customer success, he/she will lead other activities related to the advancement of OPI corporate priorities as assigned.  Mentoring and coaching will be provided as necessary.
Optimize the Revenue and Profitability of OPI Products:
  1. Identify market opportunities within Canada and build strategies to realize them.
  2. Develop strong, deep, and mutually beneficial business relationships with key channel partners.
  3. Provide in-market support for existing dealers where required, including training, marketing support, technical support
  4. Continually assess the “value of the customer” and make proactive decisions to find the delicate balance between maintenance and growth.
  5. Take direct accountability for financial results of the assigned areas and be prepared to respond to market signals and trends in order to meet or exceed revenue targets.
  6. Have a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape and emerging players in the markets that you manage.
  7. Leverage technology and tools to be efficient in the execution of the duties assigned, such as CRM, Virtual Meetings and Dealer Portal.
Be the OPI Brand Representative in Canada:
  1. Act professionally at all times and be the name and face for OPIsystems in Canada.
  2. Make local market decisions in order to best achieve the corporate results of the company.
  3. Report any incidents that could affect OPI’s reputation as a ethical and professional company.
  4. Take personal ownership to ensure that every dealer and customer in Canada is satisfied to your best ability.
Be a Team Player within OPI:
  1. Support OPI staff and contactors where possible to achieve the best results for the organization.
  2. Take an interest in other peoples work within the company.
  3. Help guide and train others and look for opportunities to share your knowledge.
  • Able to assist in creating a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Skills in problem-solving, judgment and decision-making, effective leadership, and communication.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal/written).
  • Excellent understanding and familiarity with brand building and brand management.
  • Ability to build and sustain relationships with key business partners, including retailers, wholesalers, and resellers.
  • Strong knowledge of competitive analysis methods.
  • Highly effective project management, prioritization, multi-tasking, and time management skills to meet deadlines.
  • Proficient in Microsoft® Office®.
  • Proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple diverse tasks and deliverables.
  • Flexible, independent, and self-motivated.
  • Team player with strong analytical skills.
  • An interest in and passion for electronic technology.
  • An interest in and passion for the Agricultural Industry.

OPI’s UX Designer works collaboratively within OPI product teams to create channel partner and customer touchpoints that are simple, intuitive, and rewarding for users to use. Skilled in the art and science of user and usability research, your primary accountabilities are to understand our customer and channel partner problems and pain points, create prototypes to validate possible solutions to those problems and create highly useable touchpoints and workflows that solve those problems in a meaningful way. You are a recognized leader in your current and previous roles, adept at discovering and managing business and stakeholder constraints while improving your organizations’ design practices and results.|

You believe that user experience is as important to customer value as the underlying functionality and IoT devices collecting the data and you expect to be measured on the success of the product.



  • Work in collaborative partnership with product manager(s) and technical lead(s) to discover and quantify valuable problems to solve for customers, partners and other users that also work for OPI’s business.
  • Produce qualitative and quantitative data to prove that customers will find a proposed solution usable (useful, intuitive, insightful, gratifying).
  • Understand and document how use of OPI web interfaces fits into user workflow and jobs to do for the purposes of streamlining and optimizing usability.
  • Conduct usability testing, field studies, journey-mapping, empathy maps and/or qualitative data gathering as required to understand users and their pain points and design simple high value solutions.

Holistic User Experience Design:

  • Design all touchpoints and interactions that a customer has with OPI over time to ensure a simple, intuitive interaction in a moment of curiosity or need that sets up the next interaction.
  • Work collaboratively with Marketing and Customer Success to ensure cohesivity and flow in the customer journey through all touchpoints such as e-mail, marketing campaigns, onboarding, product use, upselling / sales process, customer support and so forth.
  • Work with developers to drive simplicity and consistency in navigation patterns throughout user interfaces.
  • Design user experiences that make users want to share with others.
  • Unrelenting focus on reducing physical and mental effort for users in digital interactions with OPI.


  • Select and use methods and tools to create appropriate prototypes to communicate potential solutions to customers, channel partners, internal stakeholders and delivery teams.
  • Create prototypes that enable user testing and rapid iteration to discard or converge on solutions to user problems.

User Testing:

  • Work with Product Manager(s) and dev leads(s) to validate usability and value of solutions with users.
  • Lead and conduct frequent user testing, field studies, journey-mapping and qualitative data gathering for the purposes of product discovery, improvement and solution validation.
  • Seek out negative feedback, listen for underlying concerns and gently ask probing questions to unearth what users really care about.
  • Present user testing results to business stakeholders to drive decision making.

Interaction and Visual Design:

  • Interaction Design, including conceptual models, task flows, control layout.
  • Visual Design, including compositions, typography, and brand consistency on web portal, labels and more.
  • Collaboration with marketing to ensure brand consistency is applied across products such as websites, prototypes, labels, package design, etc.
  • Support Marketing department to guide updates to company website design.
  • Generate wireframes and UI and component designs for new features and existing feature optimizations.
  • UI design for mobile-responsive web application.
  • Work with Dev team and QA to ensure patterns, interactions and styles are up to standard for launch.
  • Maintain a style guide for web-based experiences consistent with branding standards developed in Marketing.


A. Education Requirements:

  • Completed post-secondary education or equivalent experience in web and internet content technologies, graphics design and business analysis.

B. Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • 10+ years’ experience working in product teams to create holistic user experience design, including product discovery, prototype creation, user testing, interaction and visual design.
  • Working knowledge of design for web applications, responsive and adaptive design.
  • Extensive experience in developing wireframes, mock-ups and working prototypes using application modeling tools.
  • Experience in documenting the user experience and requirements in user stories intended for agile development using tools such as JIRA.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems spanning multiple technology and architectural disciplines.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in cross functional teams.
  • Expert presentation of complex data sets in easy to understand visualizations such as graphs, charts, 3D representations.
  • Experience converting information to actionable insights.
  • Experience creating compelling product vision.

C. Competencies:

  • A passion for driving experiences that solve the needs of users as well as business goals.
  • Asking questions from a place of curiosity to really understand user needs.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple diverse tasks and deliverables within one or more projects.
  • Flexible, independent and self-motivated.
  • Team player with strong analytical skills.
  • An interest in and passion for information technology, and the internet.