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Ease Into Grain Quality Management with OPI BLUE Lite

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture technology, understanding and managing grain quality can seem daunting, especially if you’re not well-acquainted with modern tech solutions. Enter OPI Blue Lite—a beacon of simplicity amidst the technological landscape. We recognize the challenges faced by those new to technology, and with that in mind, we’ve meticulously designed OPI Blue Lite. This innovation is not just another grain monitoring tool; it’s a carefully crafted solution, bridging the gap between traditional grain management practices and the advancements of agtech. 

Whether you’re a seasoned grain professional seeking to modernize your approach or someone taking their first steps into tech-assisted grain management, OPI Blue Lite promises to be an intuitive, reliable, and empowering companion on your journey to grain quality excellence.


Effortless Start, Future-Proofed Growth

  • Ease of Use: Designed for minimal technological input and affordability, BLUE Lite lowers the entry barrier to advanced grain monitoring.
  • Tailored for You: Optimized for small to medium-sized grain bins, ensuring a perfect fit without the complexity.
  • Quick Setup: Say goodbye to intricate configurations. Install the cables, plug in, and you’re set to go!

Data-Driven Grain Management

  • Reliable Insights: Access dependable data on grain temperature, moisture, and CO2* directly on your phone and cloud.
  • Holistic Grain Health: Monitor present and past cable and CO2* readings in one place, prepping you for future analytics.
  • Smart Alerts: Utilize the OPI BLUE Cloud Platform for personalized alerts and thresholds.

*CO2 Coming Soon.

Empower Your Grain Management Journey

  • Informed Decisions: Harness data for precise grain conditioning choices and gain fan recommendations.
  • Risk Management: BLUE Lite is your early-warning system against grain spoilage, ensuring a prosperous grain management future.
  • Evolve with OPI: Begin with BLUE Lite, and when you’re ready, step up to OPI BLUE for advanced automation and features.


Small Size
Easy to carry in your pocket.
Huge Value
Control grain quality without entering the bin.
Easy Operation
Simple to turn on/off. Easily pair Bluetooth.
Free App
Available for all Android and iOS users.
Quality Data
Capture readings on moisture, temperature, and CO2 (coming soon).
OPI Blue Connected
Readings automatically sync to the cloud for history, alarms, fan recommendations and support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

BLUE Lite is OPI’s next generation handheld grain monitoring device. It is a rechargeable device that uses Bluetooth to communicate with an IOS or Android app on a mobile device. Once the mobile device has an established cellular connection the cable readings are sent to the Cloud so, they are visible for the end user in ManageGrain.com.
The BLUE Lite device is intended to have the same functional capabilities as the StorMax monitor in its ability to read both temperature and moisture cables. It can read both 2-wire and 3-wire cable configurations. Note: 90% of the systems in the field currently would fall under a 2-wire setup.

Yes, BLUE Lite has a low cost, annual subscription of $100. This subscription introduces ManageGrain.com capabilities. Track historical data, set up alerts, and find advice that will impact your operational performance.

The BLUE Lite device transmits live temperature and moisture readings to the app on your mobile device. If your mobile device has a cellular connection, it will transfer the data to ManageGrain.com and allow for the accumulation of historical data for all bin readings. This historic data will accumulate and could allow the user to track temperature and moisture trends. The user can also set Rate of Change and High Temperature Alarm threshold for each bin. These custom thresholds notify by a visual alert on the platform and text message or email if assigned.

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