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Global Leaders in
Grain Management

OPI is proud of the contributions it’s made to the agricultural industry in Canada, United States and around the world in its almost 40-year history. Its ongoing commitment to advancing grain storage management has yielded numerous innovations to help farmers and agribusinesses protect and optimize the value of their stored grain assets.

As a result, OPI has become the recognized world-leading supplier of grain storage management solutions—helping to secure the planet’s essential grain supply in an environmentally-friendly way through reduced energy consumption and spoilage losses.

In 1984, OPI started with a dream to add value to the family farm. Owner, Dave Crompton, and his family constructed the first cable on their kitchen table. From humble beginnings came a proven technology. 

Decades later, Dave continues building his mission and perfecting the art of in-bin grain management. OPI empowers over 25,000
customers in over 75 countries to ensure every grain gets to market. Inside the walls, it employs talented visionaries that unite technologies latest innovations and agriculture.


OPI incorporated, introducing the first Western Canadian on-farm bin monitoring system
Introduced the OPI GIMAC PC-based monitoring alarm and control platform
Developed Insector insect detection technology
Pioneered in-grain moisture sensing technology
Introduced the Grain Quality Sensor - a CO2 sensing technology.
Developed automated monitoring and alarm system capability
Pioneered digital sensing technology into the grain storage industry
Launched OPI’s Customer Care program to support customers in gaining the maximum benefit from their system
Launched OPI Blue—putting 30 years of grain monitoring expertise in the palm of your hand via wireless/solar technology and app based remote connectivity