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The Global Leader In Grain Management

For over 35 years, farm and commercial storage practitioners worldwide have been trusting the safety of their grain investments to OPIsystems. Our products and proprietary data provide the tools you need to ensure your hard earned investments are not lost to spoilage.

For as little as 10-20 cents per bushel, you can protect and have total control over your most valuable asset, ensuring you will never lose any grain and maximize the value per bushel.

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Why Choose OPI?

Our promise is simple: We will make your grain management and optimization easier using the latest in technologies.

Peace of Mind

Grain Monitoring is an insurance tool​. Sleep easy knowing your most valuable asset is safe​.

Best Practices

Ensures safety by eliminating the need to climb on top of or into the bins to check your grains.

Return on Investment

Turn storage into a profit centre. Eliminate spoilage, minimize shrink and maximize grade.


OPI Blue is the most advanced grain management solution available.

OPI Blue is a wireless system that delivers hourly grain storage information to your mobile or desktop devices and allows you to remotely turn on your fans. No more driving to your bins to plug them in. Now you can access your critical grain storage information wherever you work, live, or play.

OPI Blue helps to increase profits by maximizing quality, reducing loss, and minimizing shrink. Manage your grain with confidence.

Our Solutions

Working together to protect & optimize grain assets so that EVERY grain gets to market!


OPI Blue is a wireless system that delivers hourly grain storage information to your mobile or desktop devices and allows you to remotely turn on your fans. With 24/7 monitoring and alerts.


One of the most advanced grain management solution on the market. Integris Pro is ideal for farm and commercial grain facility managers looking for a cost-effective way to increase their bottom line.


Peace of mind in the palm of your hand. Cost effective and reliable system that provides you with accurate digital data about your grain so you can proactively manage aeration fans and prevent spoilage.

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"At -30 below, who wants to go out and freeze your hands checking your bins when you can check it anywhere and anytime from your phone? You sleep better at night because there is no wondering what your grain is doing in the bin."
Jonathan Wheatley
Wheatley Farms
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“The support that we have received from OPI on the system has been great. The OPI Blue is the first technology advancement that we have made and OPI made it an easy integration into our operation.”
Brooker Parker
Risdon Farms
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“Last year I had to take some rice into the processor without drying it first because I didn’t have enough capacity to store everything. The difference between what I took in ‘green’ and what I dried myself using Integris Pro was probably about $.50 to $1.00 higher just because the milling was so much better with what I dried in my bins."
Jeff Rutledge
Rutledge Farms

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